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Hi !

The main language of this website is french. So be advised, this is the only page written in english. This blog exist since my high school years (previously: titihome.com) where I express myself about topics I love which are new technologies, and american entertainment: TV shows.

Who am I,

I’m french & live in France. I have a « BEP » electronic and a High School Diploma in computer science & networking. Today, I am far away from this, I chose (really rare to chose his job this time of year) to be a flight attendant. The aviation, an other passion.


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On this website,

titi.me is a blog where I share my knowledge and things I found on the internet. Things that will help many of you, always seeking of good plans.

I try to write posts on unique theme or quite few developed on internet. I share the nice plans, the good tips, and give my opinion on the last TV series.

I express myself on my personal experience which I had the chance to do. I’m in love with the United States. Recently, I try to travel over there every summer.

Come read my « sub » blogs dedicated to few of my adventures like Disney, 1 an aux USA Comic-ConeasyJet – A french cabin crew.

I also have a portfolio where you can find all my personal websites & videos I have made. Find all these things in the right page! ;)

Finally, don’t hesitate to follow me twitter titimefr or contact contact me for any questions!

Thibault aka titi,